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Welcome to the website of the Maine Coon cattery
"Temir House"

New litter!

Litter "B" 27.04.2019

Ch. (WCF) Dreamcatcher Mehpi (MCO w 63) & Gr.Int.Ch. Majesticcoon Fernanda (MCO n 22)

Фернанда х Мехпи.jpg
There are 5 kittens:
  • 1 white male
  • 3 white female
  • 1 blue cream tortie female
Kennel WCF № 4868-2013 TEMIR HOUSE
professional breeding Maine Coon

Cats are perhaps the most common pets and the most popular in the world! The cat and the man met a long time ago, more than 6,000 years ago. But even after hundreds of years of coexistence, a cat, this proud, graceful, independent being, remains an unsolved mystery for man. Cats are credited with all sorts of mystical and supernatural abilities. We will not go into this topic (big and mysterious), but we will agree that these animals actually bring good luck and health to the house.

Our cattery is breeding Maine Coon - the largest, most spectacular and affectionate domestic cats.

"The Maine Coon is an amazing cat that evokes respect and awe. This American giant (the biggest cat in the world among domestic breeds) strikingly combines noble strength, refined grace and gentle character ... It is a very intelligent and noble animal whose beauty pleases us, like everything perfect. Their intellect is not at all inferior to their dimensions, they are very smart and logical in all their actions ... "

They write a lot of wonderful and good things about the character of these giants. I just want to add that in addition to the generally accepted breed qualities, there are also individual qualities ... when choosing a kitten, one must take into account his temperament, sociality and intelligence! As there are no two identical people there are no two identical kittens!

Being engaged in breeding for quite a lot of time, we are trying to choose YOUR baby exactly ... or maybe a teenager who, undoubtedly, will bring goodness, love and well-being into your life. By purchasing a kitten from us, you will not be alone in the emerging issues. Care, upbringing, health, show career, breeding - we will solve all these issues together!

Sergei Temirkhanov - KICA President (Kyrgyz International Cat Association)

Alla Temirkhanova - Vice President, felinologist of KICA

Nursery Registration Certificate
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